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Site www.uc-art.gr  is online shopping store selling items over the Internet (hereinafter referred to as online store or site) created and operated by the individual company named Giorgos I Stamatakis with logo "U.C." (hereinafter abbreviated as the Company), headquartered in Greece Aristeidou 6 Athens 10559 with contact email address uc.g.jewellery@gmail.com 

The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the shop www.uc-jewellery.gr and www.uc-jewellery.com Each user who enters and transacts or uses the services of the shop (hereinafter abbreviated "guest" and / or "user" or "customer" depending on whether limited to only visit the store or ordering and selling products and services) is considered that he/she accepts the following stated conditions without exception. If someone does not agree with these terms, then it is his/her responsibility to refrain from visiting and/or using the Site as well as any transaction or use of the services of the shop.

The Company reserves the right to modify or revise freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions of the online store, whenever it deems necessary.

1. Provided information and Products. The COMPANY bounds to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information listed iο the online store, the identity of the COMPANY and the services provided via e-commerce transactions. The company, as good faith is not liable and is not bound by electronic data entries made in error / mistake by the common experience and shall be entitled to correct them whenever perceives their existence.

2. Disclaimer. The Company, in the context of its transactions made through the online store, is not liable and is under no liability for any failure or damage arising from the cancellation of orders, failure to perform or delay their execution for any reason. The online store provides the content (for instance, information, names, images, illustrations), products and services available through the website "as is". Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable civilly or criminally for any damages (direct, special or consequential, which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively or / and loss of profits or data, loss of earnings, compensation, etc.) that may be caused to anyone visiting the shop or to third party, and has to do with the Site being operational  or not,  and / or use of the Site and / or failure to provide services and / or products and / or information available from this and / or any non-authorized access to products and / or services and / or information available through it.

3. Copyrights. All the contents of the shop, including trade names, trademarks, pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts etc. are the intellectual property of the COMPANY and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or intellectual property of others for which the company has received a license for its own needs and exclusively for the operation of the shop. Any copying, transfer or create derivative works based on this content, or misleading the public about the real provider of the shop is prohibited. The reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written consent of COMPANY or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and trademarks listed or describing the online store under the brand name “U.C.” or"u.c.” Or “U.C. Jewellery” or “u.c. jewellery” or “UC jewellery” or “uc jewellery” the products or services of COMPANY or third parties, are property of COMPANY or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the online store does not provide in any way any license or right of use by third parties.

4. User Responsibility. The user / customer agrees and undertakes to use the services, information and data of the shop as the law requires and according to the rules of good faith and practices. He shall not make use of the electronic shop www.uc-jewellery.gr/com for : 1. Shipping, posting, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, for any reason, causing injury and unlawful infringement to the company or any third party or breach confidentiality or confidential information of any person.

5. Limited permission. The Company, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and display this site and content elements. This license does not transfer title to the website and the information and is subject to the following restrictions: (1) you must retain on all copies of the site,   details of all annotations concerning copyright and other proprietary rights, and (2 ) you can not modify the Site and its components in any way or reproduce or publicly present, or distribute or otherwise use the site and the information for any public or commercial purpose unless you are otherwise provided empowerment by the company itself.

6. Privacy Policy. The Company, created this website with the sole purpose of serving its customers and its users can visit without having to reveal their identity unless they wish. We only ask   visitors to our website, to give us their personal data only if they want to order item (s), to register on our website and / or send us email. The information provided voluntarily by users of the website www.uc-jewellery.gr/com, is used to enable users to have direct and substantial contact with the store, to provide answers to specific questions posed to receive updates on new products or offers and then be served and their orders carried out. In this context the client should provide specific information regarding order processing and which we are committed to preserve. The information collected through the website are designed to measure the number of traffic, determine customer requirements for more products and facilitate transactions with the company. The company does not distribute to any other organization or partner not associated with our online store, e-mail addresses or any other information concerning users and customers.

7. Accessing Information. Each order requires handling the collection of personal information for delivery or booking. Any certificate or document identifies and indicates the identity of the client remains strictly confidential and is only controlled by the competent department of COMPANY. Your presentation of your personal data, means that you consent that the data will be used by our employees for the reasons mentioned above. In any other case the Company can not share with others your personal information without your prior consent, unless required to do so by legal means. Under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or under court order there might be collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, which were collected online without your behalf prior consent.

8. Methods Of Payment and Shipment: To facilitate and accommodate all those who wish to purchase from our online store, we offer the following payment methods:

a. By Cash On Delivery (only for Greece), the time you receive your goods. In each case the transportation and cash on delivery costs are charged to the customer on delivery.

b. Immediate payment - cash (only for Greece). Payment in cash is made through direct receipt of the item from the physical store at COMPANY Aristeidou 6, Athens, PC 10559. 

c. Bank transfer (only for Greece). Contact us in order to send you bank account information. Bank expenses are paid by the buyer.

d. By Paypal. 

Shipments for Greece are send via ELTA COURIER and for other countries with registered mail via Hellenic Post 

9. Return Policy: No returns accepted.

10.Acceptance of terms. If you use the site www.uc-jewellery.gr or www.uc-jewellery.com , then you agree and consent to all the above terms and conditions of use of the website, which are announced through this. 

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